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Be Still and Turn

As published on Contemplative Light™ and Silence Teaches with Rich Lewis  Being a Contemplative Christian does not exempt me from worry, fear and anxiety. It does, however, make a way through the challenging stuff of life creating opportunity for authentic transformation. How does transformation translate into real world experience?  What does it look like?  What does […]

The Deeper Connection Workshop

As followers of Christ we long for truth, freedom and authenticity. We long to exemplify the teachings of Christ in a world in desperate need of them. Yet, we too get caught up in the current of an incessantly critical culture. The Deeper Connection Workshop is about learning to live in truth, freedom and authenticity. […]

Breathing: A Simple Prayer

Breathing is the simplest prayer taught to me by a 5 year old. As a 5 year old I remember standing in my bedroom and singing “He’s got the whole world in His hands…” (some of you know the song I’m talking about) adding gestures and movement to every phrase as I passionately belted out […]

The Light in Darkness

In my darkest hour…there was Light… There was nothing easy about going through a divorce. The guilt, shame and darkness was debilitating. Just as overwhelming were the insidious temptations to comfort and appease my pain with the immediate gratifications readily provided by the world. When I gave up the self-defensive, victim posturing I was left […]

What is Contemplative Worship?

During these times of pressure, draining schedules, 24/7 fear inducing news, demanding responsibilities, and critical decisions our hearts and souls long for refreshment and peace that only comes from a deep connection with God. We desire a communal setting for worship that will soothe our over stimulated, over ‘agenda-ed’ minds. We may find such spiritual […]

What Is Spiritual Direction?

Does your life ever feel unmanageable or that you’re barely holding on? Perhaps all is well, yet you feel like something is missing. Do you wonder does God really hear you? Does prayer even matter? Do you ever feel like you’re living someone else’s life and not the one you desire to live? Have you […]

St. Francis Prayer

It’s the week before Thanksgiving and the first thing I want to say is… thank you. I want to share my gratefulness for you being there, for you being part of The Deeper Connection community, for you praying with me wherever you are in the world. I am truly grateful to be connecting with you, But […]

My Agnostic Prayer Buddy

A couple of months ago I was beginning my weekly Contemplative Prayer Gathering.  We always begin in silence with gentle music playing in a candle-lit room. One person after another entered the room, each finding a seat in the circle of chairs.  Most times I sit with my eyes closed holding the silence as others […]