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Your are the Beloved.  You have been chosen to carry the Light of Christ into the world.  You have been called to be an instrument of peace.  In you the Most High has placed the Holy Spirit. That Spirit will bear witness to the Truth living in you. You are the beloved of the Beloved. Any resistance in you to this reality is only because you have forgotten who you truly are, beloved of the Most High. You are loved beyond measure. Just as Mary was chosen to be the bearer of Christ in the world, so you too are called to be the vessel that the Christ Presence pours through into the world, as only you can. Receive and believe. You are the beloved, a perfect creation, greater than anything your eyes may perceive in the universe around you.

Greater than the sun that warms and lights the earth by day and the radiant moon by night, are you. Lovelier than the stars that pierce the midnight heavens, are you. Braver than all creatures that run the earth or touch the sky, are you. Stronger than the tallest oak tree that can withstand the storms of a thousand years, are you. More glorious than the vast oceans whose mighty waves break in perfect time to gently meet the shore, are you. All this is true of you, not because of what you have done or what you have failed to do, not for where you were born or who bore you, not for the wealth you have accumulated or lost, not for riches, poverty, status or lack of.

You are the beloved because you were loved since before your time on earth existed. Because you hold more glory in your being than all the galaxies put together. Because one drop of your blood, one tear that falls from your eye, one breath that moves effortlessly through your lungs, one beat of your heart is beyond brilliant. Because every hair on your head, every cell that makes up the universe within you, is the greatest miracle. You are the beloved because the Most High God, who is Love, pours into you without measure, has placed the Holiest Spirit within your soul, the Spirit of wisdom and creation, of Incarnation and Resurrection. Allow the false notion that you are anything less, to disintegrate into non-existence. For all has already been done for you and in you. Now it is time for you to accept your identity and set forth the course of your True Self. The Christ presence within. Soften your heart, redirect your mind, open your soul to this transforming truth within that you are the beloved of the Most High God. Receive, believe and live.

Let it be so. Let it be now. Let it be.

Who is Maria?

Maria Gullo is the founder of The Deeper Connection, a ministry dedicated to bringing individuals to inner peace. She is an ordained minister and has spent the past twenty-plus years delivering the message of contemplative Christian spirituality through centering prayer, retreats, workshops, and lectures. Maria’s guided prayer and meditation tools include audio downloads and CDs, available here online as well as on the Insight Timer mobile meditation app. Learn more about Maria.

Maria offers virtual online and private one-on-one Spiritual Direction sessions to help individuals develop a deeper connection, clearer understanding and authentic relationship with God, self and others.

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