Maria’s ministry is an integral part of my healing journey as I walk in uncharted territory after a devastating loss. Maria’s gentle guidance with the Holy Spirit’s help has brought light into my daily life and I’m now living instead of just surviving. The Centering Prayer gatherings on Tuesdays and Sundays on Zoom have also been a big part of my heart healing as soul friends gather from across the globe to contemplate God’s unconditional love in today’s chaotic world. I am so blessed to have found The Deeper Connection … I only wish I had found this community sooner. I will be a lifelong member!

I am so blessed that God led me to Maria! I discovered her Tuesday evening contemplative prayer meetings and have been attending for over 2 years. I took her course, Transform Your Life Through Centering Prayer and have used the tools to practice daily contemplative prayer. Through her guidance and spiritual direction she has helped me through some challenging life events. My anxiety has been greatly reduced as I have learned to quiet my mind and continue turning to God. The Deeper Connection Community on Facebook has also been a huge blessing as we pray with and for soul friends all over the globe. Thank you, Maria, for your wisdom and guidance!

I have been a Christian for nearly all my life, In early 2018, I started to move into a quieter, more contemplative journey with God.  I discovered the Insight Timer app, where I found Maria’s course on the discipline of centering prayer.  I started working with Maria as my spiritual director in and she immediately helped me understand that we are not meant to walk this journey alone. The experience of receiving spiritual direction from Maria has been both a comfort and a challenge.  She is skilled in helping me recognize God’s movement and presence in my life, and part of her skill is due to her love of doing this work for God and for me.  As Maria describes it, the work is not easy, but it is simple.  Without a solid, loving spiritual director, I am not sure I would have kept going.  I am grateful to God for introducing Maria and The Deeper Connection to me.

I found your prayer meditations on Insight Timer and they have changed my prayer and meditation life completely

I do the Holy Spirit prayer early before I start my day.

Then the centering prayer before lunch and choose another after. This is changing my life and being in The Community is helping me expand my faith Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou for all your prayers and all your hard work. I just wanted to let you know how much it is appreciated and how much it helps. 

Maria’s insight and wisdom have led me to an ever-deepening relationship with God  I also had the privilege of attending one of her workshops and taking her Transform Your Life Through Centering Prayer audio course.  I never knew what a gift it is to sit in silence with God until I began incorporating centering prayer into my daily prayer life.   Through her guided prayers and spiritual direction, I have learned to quiet my mind of obsessive false narratives and have found the tools to unlock more peace and joy.  I am so thankful and blessed to have Maria as my spiritual director!  She is such a blessing to our Deeper Connection Contemplative Community.

I have been seeing Maria for Spiritual Direction for the past 8 years. In that time I have experienced a dramatic shift internally; more peace, calm and a sense of equilibrium. Maria is extremely empathetic and an extremely good listener. She has an uncanny ability to get to the heart of the problem. If you really want to make positive changes and see your life transform, I heartily recommend working with Maria.

Maria is an incredibly gifted teacher filled with passion, wisdom and knowledge.Aside from her education and training her life experiences make her ‘real’ and easy to trust and learn from.  She is confident in Spirit and is able to lead from within. One of Maria’s most outstanding qualities is her ability to introduce and teach the ‘contemplative way’ with such gentle guidance and encouraging words.

I came to Maria in a broken state, with many misconceptions about God’s view of me, and about my relationship with God. Maria’s faith and guidance has helped me to begin to let go of my fears and the false notions of who I thought I was. The Holy Spirit flows through her and I never leave without some more insight into God’s unfailing love.

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The Holy Spirit speaks through you to all of us. You are His Blessed Intercessor – – It is Christ in you. You see Christ in all of us. Thank you for sharing your gift with all of us, teaching us truth, light, living and walking in grace. May God bless you and the work you do. Let it be so, let it be now, let it be. – Alex H. Tranquility, NJ

Maria has been my Spiritual director since last year.  I will be forever grateful for the day I found her name and her Centering Prayer course on the Insight Timer App. The combination of her own deep spirituality and also her deep and sophisticated knowledge of Psychology have been immensely helpful to  my journey. I have had several Spiritual Directors in the past, have been a Psychotherapist and have been in therapy for many years. The work I am doing with her (and God) now, is profound and life-changing.  I am finally “getting” who I really am and that I need God in my life in addition to shedding many layers of unhelpful patterns of fears!!  –Maria K., NJ

“I’m just so very grateful for Maria… She has found such a meaningful way to make deeper connections, which I honestly think is what all of us long for. We are looking for that place of joy and peace and the capacity to love and not be held prisoner in our own stuff. She helped me put some pieces together as to what’s going on that keeps us trapped, and then the hope and the process that can help us move us beyond our self inflicted prisons into a place of real freedom.” – Elizabeth N., Psychotherapist, NC

“Spiritual direction with Maria has helped me tremendously with the anxiety, fears and thoughts racing through my mind that I was struggling with. She has taught me new techniques for when these emotions hit again and I have not felt such peace in my heart and mind in a long time. It has been such a blessing and I thank God for the healing.” – Lynne A., Medford, NJ

“Maria’s guided meditation helps me access the contemplative dimension of Christianity, to open my heart, body and mind to encounter God. I’m taking a class by Richard Rohr and had trouble with Centering Prayer. RR convinced me that it is important to be a contemplative whereas Maria took my hand and guided me .into that dimension” – Dorothee, MN

Insight Timer Reviews

Reviews for our tracks that are available on Insight Timer:

 Jose – St. Patrick’s Prayer: Wonderful! Thank you Maria! Amén

 Taylor Nick – Prayer of St.Francis: new adaptation – I felt full of hope and love. A great way to prepare for the day! Amen.

 Anne Murphy – A New Way to Pray: The Lord’s Prayer: Thank you for the elegant expression of our Lord’s Prayer.

 Jack NorthropCome Holy Spirit: Becoming an essential prayer of the day.

 Bonnie – Prayer inspired by St. Teresa: Beautiful! Centering and inspired! Thank you!

 FidelisCome Holy Spirit: Veni Sancte Spiritus new adaptation, beautiful, comforting and peace bringing. Thank you.

 Judith – Prayer inspired by St. Teresa of Avila: I enjoy this prayer and her voice so much. She truly puts me into a deep reverent state despite my day to day challenges. Blessings to you, dear one.

 DermotIt Is Time: Maria has the most soothing voice you will ever hear. This is the perfect way to begin and end your 20 minutes of silent meditation. Definitely a regular favourite. Thank you Maria.

 KarenIt Is Time: Absolutely wonderful. I had a hard time with silence for so long but am going to keep practicing.

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