What is Centering Prayer and how can it help you?

Centering Prayer is a Christian spiritual discipline that supports and deepens  one’s relationship with God through meditative silence and the heart’s desire to surrender to the Action and Presence of God.  Centering prayer is not meant to replace other forms of prayer, but to enhance them.  It’s purpose is to rest in and surrender to God’s healing, loving Presence within.  Through Centering Prayer we are participating with the Great Mystery of our Triune God through the action of the Holy Spirit.

Any form of prayer or meditation that helps you deepen your relationship and understanding of God in your life is helpful.  God’s Presence is always loving and always healing.

What people have said after incorporating Centering Prayer into their lives:

Fear no longer controls my life.”

I feel more connected to God no matter where I am or what I’m doing.”

“My daughter wants to be around me now because I don’t judge her anymore.’

“I finally believe it’s possible to live without anxiety.”

“During prayer I had to keep returning to my sacred word, but after my prayer time when I went about my day, I felt a deep sense of peace.  I’d say the peace of Christ.”

Weekly Centering Prayer meetings via Zoom: Sundays 8 – 9 am EST