What is Spiritual Direction?

You’re on a faith journey and consider your relationship with God to be your foundation.  You sense the invitation to go deeper. Perhaps you recognize there are behaviors and thought patterns that seem to sabotage your peace and joy.  You are aware of the need to transform your life, but aren’t sure how to make that happen.

Given all the talk and differing opinions around spirituality today, the term Spiritual Direction might be a bit confusing. You may have a clearer understanding through this brief description, however, the only way to truly understand, is by experiencing it.

Words are incomplete when trying to describe the gentle movement of the Holy Spirit, or the deep transformation that happens as an awakening takes place when you respond to God’s love and healing action within you.

Spiritual Direction:

  • helps you grow into a deeper relationship with God which brings about authentic healing and transformation.
  • gives you a sacred place to recognize, share and understand your personal story.
  • helps you recognize the presence of God in and through all of life.
  • helps you hear God’s voice and understand your life purpose
  • assists you in healing from the inside out, from the deepest wounds buried in the unconscious that only the Holy Spirit can touch.
  • helps you overcome many life challenges such as addiction, loss, divorce and more.

Maria is a trained Spiritual Director with a Master’s Degree in Pastoral Counseling and 20 years in private practice.  A Spiritual Director is one who listens, gently guides, helps to shine a light and walks with you as the Holy Spirit leads.

Spiritual Direction is not psychotherapy and is not meant to take the place of psychological counseling.  It is an invaluable experience, even essential for those who desire a deeper relationship with and understanding of God that awakens them to their truest self and the process of personal transformation. Spiritual Direction is a professional practice that offers a one on one relationship with a trained and experienced Spiritual Director.  One who continues developing their own relationship with God and personal transformation.

Spiritual Direction with Maria has been the missing piece of my spiritual journey. Maria’s ministry is an integral part of my healing as I walk in uncharted territory after a devastating loss. Maria’s gentle guidance with the Holy Spirit’s help has brought light into my daily life and I’m now living instead of just surviving.”

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