Help Me Understand! Does Intercessory Prayer Make God my Genie?

It’s always interesting how God answers the queries in my own mind. I had been reflecting on the meaning of intercessory prayer. Though I’ve been a “prayer warrior” as long as I can remember, questions around the impact of this type of prayer have been rattling around in my brain quite a bit recently. Then I received this question in an email from a dear friend and soul sister.
“In praying with words what is the point of asking God for something….isn’t that like using God as our Genie?  Do you think God changes circumstances because we ask for them to be changed or does God just change us?” Because she was asking me, it caused me to give intention and attention to this question rather than just let it meander through my mind. After prayerful reflection this is what came to me. When I pray with audible words God changes me and everyone.

I know there is so much more happening beyond my understanding but this is what I notice:
1. My ego shrinks because I’m not trying to fix anyone or anything. Nor am I trying to analyze the complexities of the circumstance. Intercessory prayer is a way for me to open my heart and mind rather than lock myself in worry or concern. It’s a way for me to release control and attachment to an outcome. Praying for a Divine shift in the real world.

2. When I pray for someone I envision them while praying. I see them whole, healthy and happy. I repeat the words, “I trust you are healing (insert name) right this very moment.” It actually raises the feel good chemicals in my brain which then increases trust and faith.

3. I believe Spirit and Light are Divine Energy available to all. As I pray I am connecting with and touching the Divine for others, especially when they are unable to do it for themselves. My words are like dropping a stone in this Divine Pool of Love causing a ripple effect in all directions that will touch the life of the one I am holding.

4. I sense that through faith I’m partnering, co-creating with God. Out of my head and into the heart of the world.

5. Did I mention my ego shrinks?! I am reminded by reaching out or sometimes crying out, there is a God and it is not me. Thank you Jesus!

6. I have this image that my prayer is like a reflector shield for the Light. As I open up, the Light of Christ reflects off of the faith and love (the reflector shield) I am intentionally drawing my attention to. Through my words and prayer undergirded by love, the Light is dispersed outward and inward. I love imagery that helps me connect.

7. I am reminded of a poster that hung on the wall in my parent’s basement, that had one of my favorite quotes when I was a young girl. It read “Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others, can not keep it from themselves.”

In short I believe that’s what happens when we pray for others, we are reflecting the Light of Christ present within us out into the lives of others and in doing so we become transformed carriers of the Light and healing abounds for all.

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