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When Mindfulness Isn’t Enough

There may be a few people, a very small percentage of the world’s population, that are untouched by the present climate of anxiety and stress. These individuals, if they exist, are probably living ‘off the grid’ of what we call ‘normal’; having little or no contact with social media and news outlets. The rest of […]

Still We Rise

In the midst of tragedy and crisis, where is God? Truth is, God is everywhere if we have the eyes to see. God is in all, if we have the hearts to feel, God is present if we have the soul to receive. As we watch the videos of how the horror unfolded on innocent […]

Enough Already

Enough already! Have you ever yelled that out at the top of your lungs or whimpered it through tears as you knelt face down on the floor? I have, throughout life, more times than I can count. Sometimes the heavy stuff happens and hits like an avalanche, without warning. At a particularly empty moment where […]