How To Get Unstuck And Change Your Life

Feeling stuck?  Over and over again, repeating what you don’t want to do hoping one day you will arrive at the life you want. Why don’t  New Year’s resolutions work?  Because we can’t will ourselves into a new way of being and thinking.  We don’t really know what we want, or how to get it.  Then, if we do get ‘it’, whatever that might be, will it really make any difference?   You’re not doomed to keep repeating the same old patterns that keep you stuck, if you don’t want to.  The choice is up to you.  There is something you can do, and it doesn’t include setting more goals and gathering more information.  Rather, recognize this, you are enough, you have enough, but you don’t feel like it.  You feel stuck with no clear direction.  Don’t get discouraged.  Show up for your life in a new way, the  way of an active contemplative.  Take time, listen and follow the desire to seek God and transformation.  “But how?”, you might ask.  Jesus spoke two words to His would be apostles and disciples and the world was changed forever.  “Follow me” His great directive, called His chosen friends into action.  He didn’t tell them go get your life together, get rid of your dysfunctional, co-dependent, addictive behaviors THEN follow me. He didn’t say, ‘Go get spruced up, work on your strengths, lose that excess weight physically, emotionally and psychologically that’s keeping you down, THEN follow me.’  No, He simply looked them in the eye and said, “Follow me”.  What happened next changed the course of history.  One by one they dropped their personal agendas for happiness and did the only sane thing they could do.  They walked toward Him, they took one step and then another, day after day, walked with Him, listened to Him, prayed with Him, lived with Him.  A band of brothers and sisters recovering the lives they never knew they lost.  Finding the lives they never thought possible.  In essence they were stuck, lost, lonely and anxious until they showed up,  day after day and followed Christ.  Into the stillness of the desert,  the solitude of the mountainside; serving, listening and supporting one another.  How might this look in your life?  Here’s the active, contemplative way of following Christ I have found and live.  It has transformed me out of more dark valleys into green pastures than I can even remember.  My way of following Christ is threefold:  Centering Prayer, Lectio Divina and Spiritual Direction.  Yes, there are other ways like corporate worship, study and serving, etc. but this three-way approach is the foundation of my life with Christ.

The Deeper Connection provides all three for you:  Spiritual Direction, Live Pray-in, and Centering Prayer

For more information and support I would love to jouney with you as you heed the call of our Beloved Master and hear Him say to you, “Follow me.”

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