The Silent Retreat

On the edge of Silent Stillness I embark
To an adventure unforeseen
The Silence pierces a world of noise.
The Stillness moves like the ocean’s depths.
I do not know what lies ahead.
I simply say ‘yes’.
My willingness now opens a path beneath me and above me.
Transported by prayer to heights and depths beyond my imaginings.
“Come”, the voiceless Voice speaks.
I move into the Silence now with trepidation.
Led into a dense forest of fear
On a path strewn with doubt.
Anxieties rolling in like ominous storm clouds.
Threatening thoughts entangle me.
Through waist high weeds of faded dreams.
Through stagnating memories of failure and regret.
The Silence persists.
Prayer draws me deeper.
Then without warning a gentle cool breeze rushes in.
Flowing over me and through me.
Lifting my head.
I breathe in deeply
Turning from the thoughts.
Releasing the illusion that gripped my soul.
I raise my eyes inward to see lush fields
Green pastures bathed in warm Light.
I am not alone.
Now I see.
I never was alone.
The path opens up.
The birds are singing.
The clouds have given way to crystal blue skies.
Prayer guided by Silence has led me home.
Home to my Self.
Home to God.
Home to my Beloved and I am free.

Who is Maria?

Maria Gullo is the founder of The Deeper Connection, a ministry dedicated to bringing individuals to inner peace. She is an ordained minister and has spent the past twenty-plus years delivering the message of contemplative Christian spirituality through centering prayer, retreats, workshops, and lectures. Maria’s guided prayer and meditation tools include audio downloads and CDs, available here online as well as on the Insight Timer mobile meditation app. Learn more about Maria.

Maria offers virtual online and private one-on-one Spiritual Direction sessions to help individuals develop a deeper connection, clearer understanding and authentic relationship with God, self and others.

Follow The Deeper Connection @deeperconnects on Twitter, and @thedeeperconnection on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

Maria wants to hear from you! Tell your story or where you are in your journey.

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