Lenten Prayer Challenge – Transformation Journal 2021

Do you struggle with making prayer a daily discipline?

Do you have nagging habits, negative thinking or an addiction that interferes with your life?

Do you long for inner peace, joy and freedom that come from a deeper connection with God but aren’t quite sure how to make that happen and maintain it?

Here’s the opportunity you’ve been waiting for, the chance to change your life with no added pressure or stress. Creating a God-centered, peace-filled, love- guided life with the help of scripture, prayer and community, is much simpler than you think. Changing whatever behavior or emotion that always seems to derail you is absolutely possible. I know because I’ve lived it and continue to do so! You’ve struggled up until now, but do you want to keep struggling? It’s up to you to say, “It’s time. I’m ready for a change.” And if you do, I’m here to help you. Experience the impact of uncovering your sacred story as you journey with Jesus through His.  

By using the guided prayers, scriptures and writing prompts provided, day by day you will begin to deepen your prayer life and uncover your sacred story and live your truest life in Christ.

By the end of Lent the Resurrection of Jesus will have a profound impact on you as you walk out of the excuses and habits of the past and into a new chapter of a transforming, Christ-centered life.


Thank you Maria for igniting and reawakening my true, deepest connection to our Creator…You put into words what I have felt since I was a very young child. Thank you.” – Jenni, South Africa

Maria’s work helps me access the contemplative dimension of Christianity, to open my heart, body and mind to encounter God…Richard Rohr convinced me that it is important to be a contemplative whereas Maria took my hand and guided me into that dimension.” – Dorothee, MN USA


This journey has 3 components: scripture, prayerful reflection and journaling. No worries.  It won’t be overwhelming.  I promise. I’m walking with you through it all.

  • Sacred Journey Journal printable pdf) with daily scriptures and questions for reflection
  • Weekly Facebook Live Video support: 12pm EST @ The Deeper Connection Contemplative Community private group
  • Weekly email support
  • Weekly prayer tracks

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